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Students can be from any degree discipline can apply.

Time commitment – 4-5 hrs per week. We expect a minimum hour commitment every week, but you can adjust based on individual projects and team scope.

Commitment with Unlock – once you sign on a project, we expect you to remain with us till its completion. You can thereafter choose to exit or join another business project.

Any communication between mentors and consultants AND between consultants and businesses beyond the project's scope is at their own discretion. If you want to discuss personal circumstances at any point, you can contact the core team members.

In your registration form, you can choose the desired sector/industry in which you'd like to mentor.

Involvement of mentors would be based on project requirements. Every project would have one mentor.

The mentor's role would be to help students in the preliminary analysis of the project, provide a mid-way check, and review the final report before the presentation.

Time commitment is entirely up to the mentor; we expect a minimum of one mid-way and one final check which would amount to 2-3 hrs per project. Further involvement is encouraged but not necessary.

Mentors can choose how many projects they would like to be a part of after the first project is concluded. They can continue to associate with Unlock for future projects or exit after the first one. Mentors can also choose to be a part of multiple projects at once.

Any personal communication between the mentor and student consultants beyond the scope of the project, would be at their own discretion.

We have the optionality to safeguard your privacy and data through an NDA signed before onboarding in week 1.

5-6 consultants and one mentor per business. This can be adjusted according to the project’s scope.

Consultants are expected to deliver a minimum number of hours per week and are encouraged to commit to the exact timeline of the project.

Kindly respect the professional boundaries of mentors. They will directly engage with the consultants. Any direct communication with mentors is outside the scope of our consultancy. Please do not view the mentors and consultants as employees/interns. Their work is only to provide external insight.

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