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For the last 3 years, we have worked with 80+ startups and small businesses doing what we do best – solving business challenges with an innovative and practical approach. So, it seemed like the most natural evolution to go big with our startups...


Unlock's Incubation Programme

A global hub of innovation and opportunity, redefining the landscape for startups worldwide. At Unlock Ventures, we understand that the journey of entrepreneurship is filled with challenges, and that's why we've crafted a unique incubation experience tailored to nurture and unlock the full potential of your startup.

The Unlock Touch

At the core of our mission is the belief that collaboration and mentorship form the bedrock of success. That's why, as part of our comprehensive suite of services, each startup joining Unlock Ventures will be paired with a dedicated team of trained graduates.

These young minds, handpicked for their passion and talent, will bring fresh perspectives and energy to your venture. Over an intensive 8-week program, they will work alongside you, combining their enthusiasm with your vision to drive your startup forward.

Global Outlook

But that's just the beginning. Unlock Ventures caters to a diverse and global cohort of startups, and the benefits are immense. Our global reach means exposure to a myriad of markets, cultural insights, and diverse perspectives that can significantly enrich your entrepreneurial journey.

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Welcome to a community where innovation thrives, opportunities abound, and the future is waiting to be unlocked.

Eligibility Criteria

Have a unique business idea

A committed team

A defined market opportunity

A startup that belongs to any domain

Startup Stage

Idea Stage

You have an idea but need support with your business model.

Proof of Concept

You have a business model but lack extra hands and brains to put it in place.

Scaling the Business

You have a tested idea. Now you need a team and/or a strategy to deal with a business challenge.


You are set to apply for funding but need help with meeting the right people and getting it to the finish line.

What do we offer?

Incubation Programme

8 weeks

The program's key offering - 8 weeks of dedicated support through our trained team of graduates who assist your business with operational and strategic support by becoming extra minds and hands of your team.

An extended part of your in-house team to bridge the resource gap, knowledge gap and add a global and innovative perspective.



Our global network of mentors spanning from industry leaders to domain experts work with your startup to offer guidance and advice within the 8-week programme.

This can be extended to cover the entire duration of your time with the incubator.

Knowledge Sessions


Our uniqueness stems from our key focus on innovation and knowledge-sharing fostered by our global diversity.

Every month, Unlock Ventures will host one of our panel of advisors to provide workshops called Knowledge-Sharing Sessions on topics most relevant to our startup community covering areas like scaling up, legal advisory, marketing, product development, market-entry, regional insights etc.

Unlock Community


Unlock's thriving community of founders, industry experts, mentors, investors and alumni consultants are forever at your disposal to tap into.

Are you looking to get insights from your target audience? Are you looking to network with other startups? Are you looking for people to join you team? Are you looking to foster relationships with mentors and advisors? This is the place to be.

Investor Connect

When you are ready!

Relevant startups, at the right stage of their business, will have the opportunity to access our pool of angel investors, VCs as well as advisory on government funds and grants.

What's more? Our in-house VC advisor-cum-founder will be hosting monthly fundraise consulting sessions to understand and advice on your fundraising goals.

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Application Process

Fill in application including a short summary business plan

Go through Selection Committee

Become a part of our new cohort starting February 2024.

Applications open

Applications close

Team Unlock review

Cohort 1 kick-off

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