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Our consultants have worked in various fields and delivered excellent results. Dig into the archives to learn about Unlock’s past projects, see what the students learned through their journey and how they overcame challenges to deliver the right business solution. Can they help you find what you are looking for? Read on...

Helping a Mental Health Startup raise money from VCs

Last year, FindHope's founder, Tharun Sai, approached Unlock to help him increase his user base and approach Venture Capital investors to fund his Medtech startup that aims to make mental health support truly accessible by leveraging AI and community. Our team of consultants provided exceptional research and data to help him achieve his goals.

Blogs & Case Studies

With management consulting hiking up as one of the most coveted jobs, let us understand the fundamentals of various sectors and have a look at some of the most interesting cases our consultants have come across, layered with research and article from various industries.

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